Symposium: Systems Electrochemistry at ECS

We are organizing a minisymposium at the upcoming Electrochemical Society Meeting in Fall 2014 (October 5-10) in Cancun, Mexico. Further details will be posted soon.

New Group member

Michael Sebek joined our group. Welcome!

Participation in Gordon Conference

At the end of July our group takes a road trip to Colby College (Waterville) to attend the 30th anniversary of Gordon Research Conference on Oscillations and Dynamical Instabilities in Chemical Systems. It will be an exciting conference!

Publication in Journal of Biological Rhythms

Sondra Schroder’s undergraduate research work on modeling split hamster sleep-wake cycle has been published in Journal of Biological Rhythms in collaboration with Prof. Erik Herzog. This is our first paper on modeling circadian rhythms!

New group members

Jasmine Coleman and Yifei Chen have joined our research groups. Both of them will be working toward their MS thesis. Welcome!